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1. What do classes cost?

Our class pricing is listed on the "schedule and pricing" tab to the top right of this webpage. We want art education to be an option for everyone and try to keep our classes as affordable as possible. We also love the barter system and would be happy to trade classes for skills you could share with our students or families- if that sounds like something you would want to do, please email us at Scholarship opportunities are also available.

2. Do you have a registration fee?

Yes, $25 per child or $50 for the family. This is a one-time fee.

3. Will you have performances?

Absolutely! We will have a confirmed date soon, but are looking at the 2nd weekend in May for a spring recital and will also have a Christmas celebration.

4. What does it cost to be in recital?

In an effort to make recital participation as low cost as possible, we offer recital items on an "ala-carte" basis. 2-5 year olds will have a $70 costume fee per class and 6-18 year olds will have an $80 costume fee per class (this covers your costume, tights, and any needed alterations).  Tickets, t-shirts, dvds, and pictures will be sold separately if you would like to purchase them.

5. How long do classes run?

Classes start Aug 16th and will run through the second week of May. You may withdraw if needed during that time provided you give us a two week notice before the next month's billing.

6. When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the 7th of each month and can be paid via your online account or in person at the studio.

7. Can I watch my student in class?

Yes, we have a tv in the front lobby live streaming all of the current classes. We love for families to stick around during class, so make yourself at home in the lobby and grab a cup of coffee!

8. Is The River associated with a denomination?

No, we are not associated with any particular denomination. We are a Christian studio who welcomes people of all faith backgrounds.

9. What do students learn in Dance Ministry classses?

Dance Ministry classes include bible study, service projects, fellowship, and of course, dance! This class is a chance for students to focus in on how their faith and art work together, and to use their talents to serve God and others. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

10. What do students learn in Theatre classes?

Theatre students learn acting skills through games and imaginative play as well as learning about costuming, sets, and props- this class is a full theatre experience and will perform in the spring with the other classes.

11. What do the Bear Cubs learn?

If you have ever wanted your son to be able to dance, but didn't think he would enjoy a slow-paced ballet class with all girls, then this class is for you! We will be learning the basics of dance in a high-energy environment with themes boys enjoy like dinosaurs, astronauts, lions, and more!

12. If I miss a class, can I make the class up?

Many of our classes are unique offerings each week that aren't repeated, so make-up classes may not always be available. If possible, we will find another class you can attend to make up, but if it's not, your teacher will provide you with class notes to help you practice at home.

13. What is your schedule for the year? 

          * Classes start Aug 16th

          * Closed the week of Oct 18th for Fall Break

          * Closed the week of Nov 22nd for Thanksgiving

          * Closed December 20th- Jan 9th for Christmas and New Years

          * Closed the week of March 7th for Spring Break

          * Classes end after recital

          ***We follow MISD in regards to weather cancelations. If MISD closes, we will as well. Please like our page on FB to get updates.

14. Can I pay for a semester up front?

Yes, you can pay up front for a semester and will receive a 5% discount. Semester payments cover Aug-Dec classes and Jan-May classes and must be made within the first 2 weeks of classes starting for that semester.

15. How do I buy supplies for dance classes?

You can find a link to our online store on our scheduling and pricing page of this website, but are welcome to purchase your dancewear anywhere provided it fits the below guidelines. If you would like a shoe fitting to ensure the right sizing, please call or email to schedule a time to come into the studio.

2-5 year old Ballet/Tap:

Girls: Leotard and tights required, a skirt, tutu, or shorts may be worn over this. Pink ballet shoes made of leather or canvas and Black tap shoes.

Boys: Plain colored t-shirt with athletic shorts or sweatpants. No windpants or tracksuits please. Black ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

4-5 year old Hip Hop: T-shirt or tank top and shorts or sweatpants. Clean tennis shoes that are not worn outside of the studio. Please, no “booty” shorts or crop tops.

Dance Techniques for ages 6 and up:


Girls: Leotard and tights required, a skirt, tutu, or shorts may be worn over this. Pink canvas or leather ballet shoes. Hair in a bun.

Boys: Plain colored t-shirt with athletic shorts or sweatpants. No windpants or tracksuits please. Black ballet shoes.


Girls: Leotard and tights or t-shirt and shorts. Black tap shoes.

Boys: T-shirt and shorts. Black tap shoes.

Dance Ministry:

Girls: Leotard and tights or fitted top with shorts or leggings. Skin-colored Footundeeze.

Boys: Fitted t-shirt with shorts or sweatpants. Skin-colored Footundeeze.


Girls: Leotard and tights or tanks/fitted t-shirts with leggings. Tan colored jazz shoes.

Boys: Fitted t-shirt with shorts or sweatpants. Tan colored jazz shoes.

Hip Hop:

Girls & Boys: Tanks or fitted t-shirts with shorts or sweatpants. Clean tennis shoes that are not worn outside. Please, no crop tops or “booty” shorts.

Mama and Me, Creative Dance, Adult Fitness Classes, Summer camps and classes for students 5 and under: Any comfortable clothing that does not inhibit movement is welcome. Students may be barefoot or in ballet shoes- please, no socks as they pose a slipping hazard.

General notes:

Students should wear their hair tightly secured and styled away from the face – ponytails, braids, etc. A bun is required for ballet class.

Always remember deodorant.

We would like for students to bring dance bags to class to store their dance shoes, hair ties, clips, deodorant, etc. Bringing a dance bag with the necessary items will help ensure dancers don’t forget anything. Dancers may bring these into the classroom or leave them in the dressing room.

Jeans (pants and shorts), clothing with offensive words or images, bralettes, crop tops, and “booty” shorts will not be allowed.

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